Group Volunteers

Help Tracy Aviary inspire curiosity for birds and nature by bringing your team or group to volunteer for one of our phenomenal projects. These projects offer hands-on experiences and a special opportunity to get close to our birds and exhibits. 

Our Group Volunteer Application has closed for the winter season. You can review our upcoming projects below and check back in February to submit an application for one of these or a new fun project.

Coming Soon!

Substrate Upkeep

Tracy Aviary’s bird care staff needs your help! Did you know that we move thousands of pounds of new substrate into exhibits every year? This substrate not only makes the exhibit look beautiful for guests but also maintains a high quality of living space for the birds. Volunteers will assist in moving the substrate from behind-the-scenes and into exhibits under staff supervision. Some heavy lifting is required for this volunteer opportunity.

Dates Available: February-May
Suggested Time: Morning or Afternoon
Suggested Group Size: 5-20
Suggested Donation: $0-$50

Forest Understory

Living in an urban environment, Tracy Aviary may be the first time some children feel fully immersed in nature, and we want to make sure it’s a good experience! A possible way to do this is by creating natural environments within our gardens that are very similar to Utah wilderness. Help us create a natural forest understory by planting native plants in a shady spot within the grounds. This garden runs directly along the stream and a small exploratory path will also be made for children to see the stream and plants. This garden will take advantage of a popular, shaded sitting area.

Dates Available: September-October or March-June
Suggested Time: Morning or Afternoon; plan on a 3-4 hour shift
Suggested Group Size: 15-30
Suggested Donation: $500-1,000

Chase Mill Flower Pots

Built in the mid-1800s, the Chase Mill is the oldest, still standing industrial building in Utah. Help us add more beauty to Tracy Aviary’s grounds by updating our collection of large container gardens! Our current pots are mismatched, cracked, and unexciting, so donations for new planters would vastly increase the beauty around this historic building.

Dates Available: September-October or May-June
Suggested Time: Morning or Afternoon
Suggested Group Size: 10-15
Suggested Donation: $500-2,000, or equivalent value in new containers

Bulb Planting

As the weather cools, Tracy Aviary will prepare for a bright spring by planting additional flowers in beds throughout our grounds. Volunteer groups can help us purchase flowers, by collection donations, or coordinating with our horticulture staff. Groups can be scheduled for planting flower bulbs during the fall or spring, weather permitting. Groups will also be invited to tour the Aviary again in the spring or summer, when their hard work is in full bloom!

Dates Available: September-October or March-May
Suggested Time: Morning or Afternoon
Suggested Group Size: 10-30
Suggested Donation: $0-500