South American Pavilion

Within the Calvin D. Wilson South America Pavilion, dozens of species of vibrantly colored birds weave unique stories of their journeys from their nests to the sky. This passage from chick to adult is a formidable path to brave, and this exhibit chronicles the process through windows to special incubation and chick-rearing rooms, where you can often watch Aviary keepers tend to hatching eggs and recently emerged young. Complementing this exciting feature are dozens of spectacular adult species observable inside or out within our seven divided aviaries.

While touring the South America Pavilion, you will of course encounter such iconic species as the keel-billed toucan (pictured above), but you will also be treated to rarer and lesser-known species found only in small pockets of South America, such as the Pompadour cotinga (pictured below). Amidst tropical plants recreating species’ natural environments, birds like the shy sun bittern and blue dacnis explore their exhibits. If you look closely, you might even discover a bird tending a freshly built nest!

The technology within the South America Pavilion—the first exhibit of its kind at Tracy Aviary—has enabled the Aviary to more than double the number of chicks raised on grounds in comparison to past years and rear such rare species as the green magpie. The building also incorporates modern environmentally sensitive design innovations, helping us further reduce our carbon footprint and meet our goals for improved sustainability.