Little Chicks Classes


Bring your little ones to stretch their wings with our educators and birds in Tracy Aviary’s Preschool and Kindergarten classes.

Our classes are offered every week for six weeks. Classes feature a special bird visitor, a fun craft or activity, a snack, a sing-along song, and an engaging story connecting with our age-appropriate themes. All classes are designed for parents to attend and participate with their child.

Classes can be taken in the full series of six or registered for individually. Our goal is to help your child make new friends and develop curiosity and comfort around their amazing bird neighbors, therefore series participation is recommended. Participants registering for the full series of six classes will receive a discount.

2015 Class Menu

2-3 Year-Old Classes

60 mins long
Adult and child attendance
Thursdays, 9:30-10:30am


(Thursday, January 29)
They flit, they flap, they fly! Birds really know how to shake their tail feathers, so come get your wiggles out as we learn to shake ours as well in this exciting beginning to our 2-3 year old class series.


(Thursday, February 5)
Happy, exited, nervous, or sleepy—we all feel things…and birds do too! Prepare to brighten your little tyke’s day exploring our feelings, and what birds might feel too.


(Thursday, February 12)
In this class we will have a squawking good time listening to all the sounds we can find, and the sounds we and our bird friends can make. Hear you there!


(Thursday, February 19)
Birds are soft, scaly, sleek, and rough, but don’t just take our word for it. Bring your little one to come and feel for themselves in this hands-on, texture-rific class.


(Thursday, February 26)
Triangle beak. Round eye. Diamond tail. Come discover the kinds of shapes our birds are in during this hour-long class. Be there, or be square!


(Thursday, March 5)
Sharing is caring, as we all know, so for our last class in this series we will explore caring for nature around us through our love of birds and new friends.

3-4 Year-Old Classes

60 minutes long
Adult and child attendance
Fridays, 9:30am-10:30am

Magnificent Macaws

(Friday, January 30)
Join us for a rainbow of color and a whirlwind of wings as we learn about one of our favorite birds, the beautiful macaw, in the first class of our series.

Talented Turacos

(Friday, February 6)
Deep in the jungle lives a mysterious bird with an unusual appetite…the turaco! Come explore the life of this colorful bird and discover just what makes it so unique.

Elegant Eagles

(Friday, February 13)
It doesn’t take eagle eyes to see how amazing these large, powerful birds are, so join us to celebrate one of the strongest bird predators around!

Radical Roadrunners

(Friday, February 20)
Run, run, run as quickly as you can to this fast-paced class all about roadrunners, our Utah native that just can’t stay still… just like our Little Chicks!

Fantastic Falcons

(Friday, February 27)
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It’s a falcon! Dive right into our class about the fastest kind of bird (and animal) on the planet and give your little one an up-close view of this speedy creature.

Happy Hornbills

(Friday, March 6)
Give your little chick the chance to meet a new feathered friend that really knows how to strut its stuff in our class all about a special group of big-beaked birds.

4-5 Year-Old Classes

60 minutes long
Adult and child attendance
Saturdays, 9:30-10:30am

Exploring Our Senses

(Saturday, January 31)
What a wondrous world of sights, sounds, tastes, scents, and textures we have around us! Join us in our introductory class as we learn what senses humans and birds have, and how they help us all experience nature around us.


(Saturday, February 7)
Seeing is believing, and we believe birds are some of the best animals around! Give your little one a bird’s eye view of how our feathered friends see the world as we meet some birds with incredible sight.


(Saturday, February 14)
Join us with your little tyke as we sniff out what smelling is like for birds in a scent-sational hour all about what it’s like to catch a whiff as a human or a bird.


(Saturday, February 21)
Sweet, salty, or sour – we all have our favorite tasty treat – and so do birds! Bring your little chick for some tantalizing exploration of what birds eat, and the tastes that ruffle their feathers.


(Saturday, February 28)
Shhh…can you hear that? We might not be able to, but we know a bird whooooo can! In this class, we will learn about birds with exceptional hearing, and test our own ears too.


(Saturday, March 7)
Join us in our last class of the series as we discover just what birds feel like, from their soft feathers to their smooth, scaly feet, and celebrate the birds we have met along the way during this series of classes.


Registration fee includes same-day admission to Tracy Aviary for one adult and child.

Individual Class Cost Per Child (one parent included): $12 for members; $18 for non-members

Series Cost Per Child (one parent included): $60 for members; $90 for non-members

Registering For Classes

  • Space for each class is limited to 10 child participants.
  • Children must be the age indicated in the class age group to attend.
  • Classes are designed for BOTH child and parent to attend.
  • Class price includes same-day admission for one parent and child to Tracy Aviary.
  • If you are registering for the full series, please be sure to select the series registration on the registration forms in order to receive your discount.
    • Series registrations cannot receive partial refunds for missed classes, however missed classes can be applied toward future seasons.
  • Tracy Aviary Members receive a discount for class fees and should select Tracy Aviary member pricing on the registration forms. Membership enrollment will be checked at the beginning of class.
    • If membership pricing is not selected at enrollment, pricing difference cannot be refunded later.
  • Due to limited classroom space and for best participant experience, only adult/child enrolled are allowed to attend class. Exceptions are made for babes-in-arms, however adults must anticipate hands-on participation in class with enrolled child.

2-3 Year Old Registration Form

3-4 Year Old Registration Form

4-5 Year Old Registration Form