Kennecott Wetland Immersion Experience

By visiting our Kennecott Wetland Immersion Experience exhibit, you receive an intimate snapshot of the complex, interwoven survival stories unfolding in Utah’s wetland habitats. Each of the exhibit birds goes about its daily life surrounded by native plants and water within mere feet of the boardwalk, providing an unhampered, up-close experience of our wetland neighbors.

Only one percent of Utah’s land mass is comprised of wetlands—habitats second only to tropical rain forests in plant and animal species diversity —and the majority of this one percent is clustered around our own neighboring Great Salt Lake. In these rare spaces, water-saturated soils and specially adapted plants and animals create an ecosystem that not only fulfills critical habitat needs of over 7 million resident and migratory birds, but also bestows the added benefits of filtering water pollutants, retaining flood water and recharging ground water.

With wetlands continuing to disappear at an alarming rate, we hope you’ll join us in acknowledging the importance of the crucial roles these water-saturated areas play in our environment and take diligent measures to preserve them.


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