The Chase Mill

Utah’s oldest standing industrial building, the Chase Mill stands as a symbol of the past and a beautiful venue to celebrate the future.  The Chase Mill is open to the public during Tracy Aviary’s regular business hours, except in the case of private reservations.

Designed by Isaac Chase and Frederick Kesler and originally built as a grist mill, construction on the Chase Mill began in 1848.  The water-powered mill operated from 1852-1879, and helped Utah’s early settlers survive the great famine in 1856-1857 by providing flour to families at no charge.  Brigham Young gained possession of the Chase Mill in 1860, and his original initials stand to this day on the north and south sides of the building.

The Chase Mill’s most recent renovation, completed in 2006 by Tracy Aviary, includes earth-friendly building materials like cork flooring, pressed sunflower seed countertops, and clay plastering on the walls.  Today, the Chase Mill is frequented by guests the world ’round as a historic monument and a beautiful rental venue for events of all kinds.

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Tracy Aviary would like to thank the following for their support of the 2006 renovation of the Chase Mill:

  • The Cumming Foundation
  • Fidelity Foundation
  • The George S. and Dolores D. Eccles Foundation
  • The K.W. Dumke Foundation
  • Salt Lake City Corporation
  • The Stubblefeld Estate
  • AMD Architecture
  • Underfoot Floors
  • The Green Building Center
  • Alpine Tile Company
  • Private donors like you